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28 Mar 2018


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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 17 Jan 2018

If you are running low on disk space on a certain partition, even after cleaning it up, the next logical step would be to reassign some space between your partitions. Fortunately, with today's modern software, this particular task doesn't have to be a challenge, even for novice users. An excellent example is NIUBI Partition Editor. It lets you resize your partitions and perform other tasks to make sure your drivers are working properly. The best part is that safety is one of the software's key features, so you don't have to worry about doing something wrong and damaging your drives.

NIUBI Partition Editor comes in free and paid editions. Installing the software is not a difficult task and it shouldn't take more than a minute, even on older hardware. The software doesn't need any supplementary tools or drivers and it doesn't use a significant amount of resources.

Your local partitions are displayed in a list, on the main user interface, where they are also represented by colored bars, according to their available, used and free space. If you select a partition, you can use one of the many tools, listed on the left side of the window, to perform various operations. You can choose to check the partition for errors, defragment it, format it or wipe it and much more, including, of course, resizing the selected partition.

The software makes it really easy to resize a partition. This is done by simply clicking and dragging a colored bar, which represents a partition. For example, you can do this to shrink a partition, which will leave unused space, which is represented by a grey bar. Next, you can select this bar and hit an option to assign that space or part of it to a new partition. Of course, you can still do everything the old fashioned way, by specifying numerical values, which, if you want more accuracy.

You can definitely feel safe when working with NIUBI Partition Editor. The software will provide notifications and warnings if you are about to do something that requires some care. Furthermore, when resizing partitions, the software won't do anything until you tell it to. You can reassign disk space left and right however you want and only when you are committed to your changes, you can hit an Apply button to carry them out.

Resizing partitions can be done quickly and effortlessly, without any risks, thanks to NIUBI Partition Editor's smart functionality.


You can resize disk partitions by simply clicking and dragging colored bars. The changes are applied only when you are satisfied. The software can also perform integrity checks, defragment data and carry out other operations.


There are no obvious issues to complain about.

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